Saturday, January 23, 2010

Broken Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows Vista was broken in many ways. Upgrading to Windows 7, which fixes some of Vista's boneheaded features like UAC, would improve productivity, resulting in more wealth creation for its users (or so I hear; I'm a Mac user).

But to what does the author of this article attribute the new wealth? The (temporary) jobs needed to upgrade millions of computers to Windows 7.
Microsoft Corp. says it won’t be the only one to benefit from sales of its new Windows 7 software. The local economy could see a lift, too.

...Microsoft hired research firm IDC Corp. of Framingham to conduct a study of the ripple effect of the Windows 7 launch. It found that American companies could hire an estimated 25,000 additional workers to cope with the Windows 7 launch, including about 2,500 new jobs in Greater Boston, through the end of 2010.
Jobs are easy to find -- nature creates them for us. It's productivity that matters. Windows 7 should make PC users more productive, which is where the real win comes from.

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