Monday, June 1, 2009

Broken Window Propaganda

Every cockamamie economic plan put forward by the State is always accompanied by propaganda, tailored to the credulous masses, explaining its ostensible benefits. It is no surprise then to see the latest scheme to create "green jobs" comes with a colorful pamphlet explaining the economic virtues of the latest "5 year plan" crafted by our ever-benevolent central planners. Let's take a look:

Is it any wonder that the miraculous plan, which wants us to believe that it will lead to an environmentalist utopia, is based on the most basic economic fallacy of them all? That by taxing and destroying the wealth of one part of an economy, demand will be spurred in another part of the economy, creating jobs and benefiting us all. This propaganda flyer gets bonus points for the irony of having windows installed to illustrate the economic benefits of the green plan.

Thanks Dan for the pointer to the propaganda piece.

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